Receiving Assistance

Canton Ex-Newsboys Association Do you know a child in need of shoes or clothing?

Canton Ex-Newsboys Association has contacts at all of the local schools in Stark County. If you know of a child or family in need, contact the school of the youngest child to speak to the dedicated staff member working with our organization.

Once the school staff member is notified, they will reach out to the child’s family. The children’s parents will need to complete an application form to provide all the information necessary for the Canton Ex-Newsboys organization. Once this information is submitted, each family will be contacted by the school staff member. JC Penney is the local retail outlet in Canton which provides the new clothing and shoes so children are prepared for our cold Ohio winters.

Canton Ex-Newsboys AssociationThe Canton Ex-Newsboys want to make sure that all children have the proper clothing necessary before the colder season begins. The application period begins on the first day back at school and ends the last school day before Thanksgiving break. In case of an urgent situation throughout the year, families should speak with the designated staff member at their school.

The Canton Ex-Newsboys are so grateful for the caring teachers, principals and other school officials that see these children in need and take action to find assistance for them.